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Feb. 9th, 2016

I'm taking my celexa again. Holy shit what a difference it has made. I can breathe again. I'm not angry all the time anymore. I'm not hopelessly depressed all the time anymore. I feel relief.

I passed my nclex thank god. I'm about to quit dover because I'm over it.

Danielle is being induced sunday at midnight (well, technically monday morning).

Chris is trying to join the marines. Wtf. Not even sure what to say about that other than thank god he waited until we split up to do that shit.

I'm tired. I'm ready to go home. I can't wait until july 31st. My ass is out of that shitty apartment.

Oh yeah. Got rid of ruby. Gave her to CJ. She fits right in over there. Now I have Marshall. He is the sweetest turd of a dog ever. I love him.

I'm typing on my phone and it is annoying so I'm going to stop now.

Sep. 7th, 2015

I just want to be happy.,
Yeah. So i still don't have my apartment but in 36 hours i will be signing my lease and getting my key, yay!!! Also for the past week i have been staying at cj's for the past week because last wednesday nick kicked me out. He's a prick.
Ummmm... Got piss drunk that night, puked, and puked all day the next day. Hello first hangover. Never again. Thank god for dylan taking care of me and cleaning up my puke. Ick.
Got my car searched by the police monday. 8 cops and a drug dog, threw all the shit out of my trunk, hardcore searched me and dylan. All for nothing. It was bullshit. And i have a damn ticket for my expired tags now. Blah.
So i have decided i don't care about chris's rule, dylan is going to live with me all 7 days of the week. Fuck it. I am not making him stay at cj's anymore. You can feel the annoyed vibes coming from tj constantly when he's home.
I am currently sitting in a resident's room watching him sleep. I'm on babysitting duty, yay me. It's nice to not have to run around putting people to bed, but at the same time it's boring as shit.

Tomorrow Dylan and I are going to Ohio to pick up his xanax. Apparently we are going to go see his grandmother so I can meet her, and we might also be going to see his mom. I am excited but nervous. Hopefully they like me.

I got an apartment!!!! I go Tuesday at noon to go over the paperwork. I can only assume that I will be signing the lease that day, so I should be able to start moving in as well. I'm going to call in the morning and ask. I am just so freaking excited to have my own place, oh my goodness. It is going to be marvelous. I'm going to be able to decorate it however I want and it is going to stay clean all the time and it is going to be awesome.


Chris has a girl. He's gone to dinner with her, he went to a movie with her tonight. I am irrationally bitter about it. HAHA. I'm dumb. So dumb. Oh, I'm also tipsy right now.

alcohol, I love you.
Hate myself hate myself hate myself hate myself.

Hey guys, I hate myself, you should hate me too.


Because I am a no good god damned bitch and I'm disgusting and useless and fucking a waste of space.

So god damned fucking stupid.
I should just go kill myself.
Anddddd now I'm annoyed as fuck. I'm sure the fact that I'm hungry is making it worse, but I'm afraid bitch Keanna might be making her grand appearance soon. :/ eh oh well.

I'm an idiot anyway. What else should I have expected?

I'm crazy

Really. Like, batshit crazy. Insane.

I may or may not need help.

Jul. 27th, 2014

Haven't posted in quiiiiite some time...

I'm sitting in the ER with Chris right now. Yesterday we drove up to Illinois for Megan and mikes wedding. It was beautiful! I'm really glad we got to be there for it. However, on the way there we were minding our own business driving on the interstate when BOOM. We get rammed in the back. -_- so needless to say our poor little blue mazda has a smashed in trunk now... So anyway, Chris is having some neck and back pain so we are here getting it checked out. We figure since the drivers insurance has to cover it might as well.

I'm starving. We didn't eat before we came here and I have no idea why. I want food . I want cake. OMG the wedding cake last night was fantastic lol.

Blahblahblah I was hoping that this would help pass time and keep my mind off the fact that I'm starving but it's not so I guess I'm done here o_O